A pair of Texas Department of Transportation employees rescued a woman from heavy rains near Whitesboro on May 1.

The workers responded to a call of water on the road on May 1 when they discovered a car had become trapped in the water at the intersection of Business Highway 377 and Highway 377, where the road goes under the railroad bridge. The car was surrounded by water and had stalled.

Grayson County Maintenance Supervisor Matt Poirot said he immediately called for backup when he realized how dangerous the road conditions were.

He called General Transportation Technician Jeffery Smith.

“I walked up from behind the car, while Jeff approached from the front of the car from the other side,” Poirot said. “We’re glad we could help that driver out … we were in the right place at the just the right time. That’s part of our job as TxDOT employees when we are on weather-and-road alert. That part of our work never stops.”

Poirot has been with TxDOT for 20 years and said he was doing his job.

Poirot said the men noticed the water around the car was about knee-deep and flowing swiftly. Once the men got to the car, they discovered the driver, a young woman, was shaken up. Poirot said the two men attempted to push the car up the road to higher ground but were unable to do so. The front bumper was blocking the front wheels.

Smith told the driver to exit the car so he could get her to dry ground beyond the front of the car. Poirot returned to his truck to block traffic until the men could close the road. The men let the woman sit in their cab until a tow-truck arrived so she could dry off.

The driver was picked up and the men barricaded the road. The barricades were removed at 3:30 a.m. once it was safe to drive on.

TxDOT Public Information Officer Tim McAlvey said drivers need to ensure their car is in good condition before driving in inclement weather. He said drivers need to be aware of weather alerts in their area at all times and should plan for extra drive time and to observe the posted speed limit while being prepared to drive slower based on conditions. He also recommended letting a friend or family member know travel plans in case something goes wrong.