John Chak’s Automotive in Denison recently received approval for an expansion of its business.

The Denison Planning & Zoning Commission approved a site plan and variance to use noncompliant building materials for the property, located at 3019 Loy Lake Road. The owner of the shop asked the commission to construct a building containing between two and four bays, depending on costs and other factors.

Owner John Polonchak asked for the variance to use painted corrugate metal, also known as R-panel, instead of the required brick, stone or stucco for commercial properties in the Highway-Oriented Overlay District.

Polonchak told the commissioners it was going to be on the back of the building and he was asking for permission to use the materials to keep it the same as the existing facility.

“Our business is growing,” Polonchak said. “We’re in need to expand our building. At the time we built this facility in 2006, we met the requirements. We built the building to add onto.”

Polonchack said his intention was to keep the aesthetics of the addition the same was the existing structure. He said he will be using matching brick facade for the building. During the meeting, Chairman Charles Shearer raised the issue of the city’s stucco policy in the district.

“We had discussed making some changes in stucco as a material becoming a primary instead of a secondary material,” Shearer said.

Shearer said he is expecting city staff to put together information on that for the June meeting.

Last October, the Denison City Council approved changes to the building code in relation to artificial stucco products. Last month, Shearer raised the issue at a P&Z meeting in which he said he wanted to look at making further changes to the policy. At the time, Shearer said he didn’t have an issue with artificial stucco products, as long as they were applied correctly. He said the city was receiving an increased number of applicants requesting use of the materials. As a result, Shearer said the commissioners were looking to consider revising the code to reflect recent trends.