The Denison Planning and Zoning Commission recently discussed the possibility of rezoning a large portion of the city’s land on the northeast side of town to address issues from zoning conflicts.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the commissioners conducted a public hearing and then approved a measure to allow the zoning change for a property located at 118 East Bond Street to go from commercial to single family. The city has designated the area as neighborhood in its Future Land Use Plan. The area in question stretches from East Bond Street to Morton Street and Houston Avenue to Lamar Avenue.

The discussion turned to the district as a whole after commissioners approved the zoning change as requested, with an emphasis on rebuilding a home following a natural disaster as a concern.

Chairman Charles Shearer raised the issue of losing a home to a natural disaster. His concern was whether a resident loses a non-conforming home but is granted a variance that would allow a homeowner to be able to re-build the home following the disaster.

Director of Community and Development Services Kimberly Murray said a home would not be allowed to be rebuilt as residential as the zoning stands.

“A fire is a possibility,” Shearer said. “If someone loses their home now they have to go back through the legal process to rebuild their home. We have a 90 percent development of residential versus commercial uses.”

Shearer asked city staff to put together a report to determine if it would be beneficial to make a massive rezoning of a particular area of town. The district is currently zoned commercial but has a large number of lots being used for residential purposes. His other concern was on the number of exceptions being granted.

“We’re going to wind up having a bunch of these,” Shearer said. “Are we sure this is the best way to resolve this?”

Murray said the city would have to notify every property owner of a mass zone change. She also said it would require the city to change the zoning on people’s properties en mass where there might be a number of individuals who do not favor that approach.

Brett Evans said he doesn’t mind taking the requests one at a time month after month. He said he prefers to do it in whichever manner is easier on the city staff.

Shearer directed the city staff to return with a plan for the next meeting that would resolve some of those issues.