Texas Department of Transportation recently announced it would begin doing roadway and slope repairs on U.S. Highway 75 this week. The roadwork is expected to start on Friday and will not be complete until March 2020, a release by TxDOT said.

Contractors will be making the repairs 0.6 miles north of Randell Lake Road. The construction area will continue 0.4 miles south of Randell Lake Road along Hwy. 75.

“Contractor Accelerated Critical Path Inc. of Plano, Texas, was granted 213 working days, weather permitting, to complete this project valued at more than $1.6 million,” the release said. “The contractor anticipates placing construction barricades on May 16 and beginning work on May 17.”

TxDOT also wanted people to know that during this time, there will be occasional lane closures along the route.

“Motorists who regularly travel along this portion of U.S. (Hwy.) 75 in Grayson County are asked to pay special attention to all signs, barricades and traffic controls, and to reduce their speed as they approach and travel through work zones,” the release said. “They should also avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating, drinking, or car audio or navigation systems.”

For more information, contact Tim.McAlavy@txdot.gov or 903-737-9213.