Sherman Police said a man was arrested for public intoxication over the weekend after he approached officers while sporting only bike shorts and one shoe, as well as some strange behavior.

Sgt. Bret Mullen said officers were conducting an unrelated traffic stop in the 700 block of West Houston Street at approximately 4:30 a.m. Saturday when the uncommonly clad man walked up to them and begin acting erratically.

“The officers found it odd,” Mullen said of the man’s attire. “But he was displaying other indicators that suggested he was under the influence of methamphetamine, such as paranoia, having hallucinations and being unable to control his body movements.”

Mullen said paramedics were called to the scene amid concerns that the man might be having a medical emergency or a dangerous reaction to the suspected drug, but that he was ultimately given a clean bill of health and a ride to Grayson County jail.

“Due to his intoxication and behaviors, we determined that he was a danger to himself and others, so he was placed under arrest,” Mullen said.

Drew Smith is the crime and emergency reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at or on Twitter @DrewSmithHD.