Voters elected Anna Wylie to the Place 4 seat on the Sherman Independent School District board of trustees Saturday over Ronald Rose. Wylie received 98 votes total, while Rose received 60 of the 158 votes cast in the race.

Wylie said she is just really grateful for the people who came out to vote.

“It was kind of a low turnout,” she said.

It was Wylie’s first run for school board and she said she just felt like it was time for her to be a part of the community and have some influence on it.

“I can’t sit back any longer and not do anything and so when the opportunity came, I took it,” Wylie said.

Wylie said one of the first things she would like to discuss getting done is adding an elective Bible class to the high school curriculum.

“I don’t want to force anybody to take that kind of thing, but I would like it available,” she said, adding she understands that might not be something the board can control.

Wylie said she thinks the class could look at the Bible from a historical perspective, if not from a particular religious point of view.

Rose said the loss won’t keep him out of local politics. He previously ran for city council and believes in being involved in the community. Rose said he wanted to thank the people who took part and supported him in the campaign.

“We had 2,000 people who supported us online, but only like 190 who voted overall,” he said.

Getting those folks out to the polls, he said, is the key, but he said he doesn’t know how to do it. Rose said they did a little bit of door knocking and put out some flyers, but beyond that, he doesn’t know how to increase voter participation in local elections.

“They turn out for things like the presidential election,” he said.

Jerrie Whiteley is the criminal justice editor for the Herald Democrat. Contact her at or on Twitter @jlwhiteley.