Recent storms have increased the water levels on Lake Texoma to the point some amenities are closing for the foreseeable future.

Eisenhower State Park Superintendent Matt Hardwood said the park has closed all of its swim beaches, fishing piers and boat ramps due to the rains. He said the water levels have increased beyond the point where it is safe to conduct those activities at the park. Hardwood said the Army Corps of Engineers is projecting the lake levels to continue to increase up to May 20 and said they park would need at least a day or two following the levels decreasing to their safe zone before the boat ramps would be allowed to reopen due to the potential damage to the asphalt.

“From an operation standpoint, we won’t be too negatively impacted,” Hardwood said. “We have other activities for people to enjoy including hiking, biking trails and camping. The lake is a large reason people come out here whenever we close down the swim beaches or access to the lake that puts a damper on things.”

He said it’s not uncommon for the park to close down over water levels during the springtime. Hardwood said it gets very wet this time of year.

He warned anyone that would be taking a boat out from other access points to use caution. Hardwood said there will be debris in the water as well as items, such as trees, that are not normally under water, which might not be visible due to the water levels. He said swimmers also need to be cautious. He said the park will be keeping an eye on the water levels and the rainfall to see what the Army Corps of Engineers decides to do.

“We’re forecast to get up to 626 feet elevation by May 20,” U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Assistant Lake Manager Tommy Holder said. “We’re 5.55 feet high right now with our current elevation at 620.86 feet. This is above normal.”

He said even without additional rainfall, the lake will be 10 feet above normal by May 20. Holder also cautioned about debris on the lake.

“Anytime there is flooding, the amount of timber getting into the water line is going to increase,” Holder said. “Things become submerged that aren’t normally submerged. Use extreme caution. If you see water moving across the road, do not drive through it.”

He said there have already been boat ramps and docks closing down due to the water. He said preliminary schedule has There were several campsites closed as of Friday with more set to close in the coming days, depending on the rainfall.