From the street, the elephant could be seen hanging out with the candle sticks as Christmas ornaments sparkled in the sun.

The yard sale that Aaron and Jacey Lett held at their home at the corner of King and Travis Streets in Sherman recently was the first time they’d had a sale together.

“We are selling the house and it got an offer, quickly, and we’ve moved up the closing date,” Aaron Lett said from the front porch of the home.

He explained the couple is downsizing, so they were selling some furniture.

“I was hoping that someone would pay us with a winning lottery ticket,” Aaron Lett joked.

He said they were really hoping to get rid of some of the stuff that they didn’t want to move. Jacey Lett said she they had sold a lot that morning and she thought that was because she was selling a lot of stuff people don’t often find in such sales.

“New things that I just bought this year for this house,” she said, explaining the garage sale had a lot of Christmas items which were selling well.

Arron Lett said he had paid the $5 for the permit for the sale, as he was accustomed to doing that from times when his mother had garage sales. The city of Sherman allows each residential address up to two sales a year. The permits last for five days and must be picked up prior to the sale.

Denison doesn’t require a permit for garage sales, said Code Compliance Manager Robert Lay. He said for that reason, Denison has no way of tracking how many such sales are held in the city each year. However, Lay did add Denison only allows signs for such sales on the property where the sale is to take place.

Sherman City Clerk Linda Ashby said the city issued 717 permits during the last fiscal year, which was from Oct. 1, 2017 to Sept. 30, 2018. From Oct. 1, 2016 to Sept. 30, 2017, Sherman issued 901 permits and 879 permits for sales in the fiscal year before that.

“I don’t think that I should have to pay money to sell stuff on my own lawn,” Jacey Lett said.

While the two watched over their sale, Jacey Lett said she does like to go to other people’s garage sales.

“Especially with this house because it’s so old,” she said. “I like antiques things so I will go to a lot of garage sales.”

The site cites statistics from to show the number of people who shop at a garage sale each year at approximately 690,000 nationwide. The site says the average price of an item at a yard sale is 85 cents. The average profit margin for something bought at a garage sale and resold on Ebay, the site says, is 462 percent.

The best day of the week to hold a sale is, according to the site, is Saturday, and the best time of the day to open the sale is 7 a.m. That site also says that 42 percent of garage sale shoppers expect to negotiate the price of the items that they buy and 97 percent of the people surveyed said they will leave a sale within two minutes if they don’t see anything they like.

A 2018 Consumer Reports piece said the best way to make the most out of a garage sale is to get organized. Think of the way your favorite grocery store groups things and put your like items together or near each other, it suggested.