Sherman Police said a man escaped serious injury Wednesday morning after he fell into a drainage area backed up by heavy rains, which also led to isolated flooding and road closures in the area.

Sgt. Brett Mullen said a homeowner in the 4800 block of Seminole Drive had gone outside early Wednesday to clear an obstructed storm drain forcing water toward his property, but lost his footing as the water started to move.

“Once he got the drain cleared, and the water started flowing, he was essentially swept into or sucked into the drain,” Mullen said. “Fortunately, he was able to get out without injury.”

Elsewhere in Sherman, the overnight rainfall forced patrol officers and emergency crews to block sections of flooded roadway. Mullen said standing water temporarily prevented travel under the Mulberry Street overpass and on a stretch of North Harrison Avenue.

“Those are common areas that get backed up with water when it rains heavily,” Mullen said. “But we keep an eye on those spots and, if we need to, we close them down so no one drives through them.”

With a National Weather Service-issued flash flood watch in effect through Thursday and rain chances persisting through Sunday, Mullen encouraged all motorists to heed any temporary barriers set on flooded roads and to never drive into standing water.

“If a roadway is completely covered with water and you can’t see through it, don’t drive through it,” Mullen said. “You don’t know if the road has been swept away underneath or if your vehicle will get stuck. Being in a car, stranded in high water, is a very dangerous situation.”

The Sherman Police sergeant also advised motorists to reduce their speed when driving on wet roads.

“When it starts raining and there’s standing water on the roadway, the first thing you should do is slow down,” Mullen said. “When road conditions deteriorate due to weather, a lot of the time, speed plays a major factor in people’s ability to stop and avoid dangerous situations.”

Drew Smith is the crime and emergency reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at or on Twitter @DrewSmithHD.