Voters in Sherman will soon get the chance to decide who should fill the Place 4 seat on the Sherman Independent School District board of trustees. Anna Wylie and Ronald Rose are both seeking to fill the seat, which will be left empty by outgoing board member Britton Brooks, who is not seeking reelection.

The Herald Democrat recently spoke with both candidates and asked them a series of questions regarding the role of the board, their skills and what they would like to accomplish if elected.

Both candidates were asked the same questions and asked to respond in 100 words or less. The responses are as submitted by the candidates, with edits only for space, formatting or if a candidate went well over the word limit.

What are the duties you will perform while service as a member of the school board?

Rose: “I think an effective school board member plays an important watchdog role in keeping our schools on track, and setting policies that affect our children and our school. We create vision and goals for the school district, and hold the district accountable for results. One school board member cannot do the job alone. I will work as apart of a team contributing my unique talents while collaborating and working with other board members.”

Wylie: “The school board is responsible for adopting policy, employing and evaluating the superintendent, approving the budget and capital improvement plans, setting the tax rate, and making decisions they believe to be in the best interest of all SISD staff and children. In each of these areas, as a member of the board, I will vote for policy that reflects the conservative values of the Sherman District. I will advocate spending our money wisely to get the best for our students. In every decision I will put the SISD students and staff first.”

What skills or attributes do you possess that make you the best choice to represent the people on Sherman on the school board?

Wylie: “As a retired and now part time teacher, I will bring to the Board a perspective of one who has worked under and helped students comply to policies set by a school board. For seven years I served as department head for a middle school. As such I coordinated with my teachers to guide curriculum to meet the needs of the students. I also oversaw a tutoring program for students at risk of failing the state mandated test. I worked diligently to provide the opportunity for every student to be successful in the classroom and in life.

Rose: “I am a visionary, and very goal directed. I have a commitment to equity and access to quality education and world-class standards of achievement for all students. I have a strong connection with the parents and teachers in Sherman. I am able to talk to both sides and get things accomplished. I also have two children that will be in our district for the next 12 years. There is a certain level of passion you have when your kids are directly affected by every decision you make.”

What ideas do you hope to pursue with regards to addressing and preparing for future growth?

Rose: “I am from New York City, the amount of growth coming won’t even be half of what we have there. Sherman is already moving in the right direction in preparation for the growth. I will do my part to make sure we don’t drop the ball during the process.”

Wylie: “Sherman ISD is proactive concerning future growth. With the new high school, they budgeted for upgrading the technology. The technology toolkit demonstrated at the recent board meeting will be installed in existing classrooms now. While addressing the growth, the District is also responding to research that shows students are more grounded with fewer transitions. Once the new high school is opened the schools will be K-5, 6-8 and 9-12. The Kinder Camp this summer will help the young children transition from home to school. I support and will assist in implementing the ideas already in place.”