Former Tom Bean City Council member Lonnie Jones was due to be back in the 59th state District Court Thursday facing charges of deadly conduct and animal cruelty from an incident that happened a little over a year ago. However, the case was reset until October.

Reports from the time of the incident show that Jones, 72, was arrested by Tom Bean Police officers at the intersection of FM 902 and FM 2729 on April 7, 2018. A police report said officers were called to that location about a man who had allegedly fired multiple rifle rounds from the roadway and killed a dog.

Officers arrived and were given the description of a man they said turned out to be Jones, who was in his truck at the intersection of Thomas Street and State Highway 11.

Jones told police he fired at the two dogs because they had entered his backyard and attacked and killed his cat.

Tom Bean Police Chief Timothy Green said Jones killed one dog on his property and then followed the other one in his truck for about a quarter of a mile before getting out of the truck and firing at that dog four or five times.

Green said his officers confirmed Jones’ cat had been killed and that he had every right to kill the dog that was on his property. The law, Green said, does not allow someone to shoot from a public roadway in a direction where there are people.

The owner of the dogs, Green said, was cited for having a dog at large, a misdemeanor. Jones lost his bid to keep his seat on the council in May of that year. He has since pleaded not guilty to the charges he faces. He was indicted last summer. The indictment is a formal charge and not an indication of guilt.