Tom Bean is expected to complete the improvements to its water system by this summer with help from the Greater Texoma Utility Authority.

The GTUA board recently approved a change order updating a contract between the city of Tom Bean and Central Texas Water Well for the city’s water improvements. The amendment was for installation of electrical equipment requested by the Texas New Mexico Power Company in the amount of $5,450.91.

“We are hopeful it will be substantially completed in June so we can get water from it then,” GTUA General Manager Drew Satterwhite said. “The contractor designing the electrical system pulled the wire from the well to the road. It was about 600 feet to get to the road. The power company was telling the contractors to provide them with a meter can and a fuse disconnect at the pole.”

Satterwhite said the contractors were seeking additional protection from the motor control center to the power poles. He said the city recognized it was a necessity and didn’t have any other options but to comply. Satterwhite said the city approved the change order after the GTUA board had done the same.

Tom Bean originally had $1.21 million in bonds through the GTUA issued by the Texas Water Development Board’s State Water Implementation Fund for Texas. The funds were approved in 2015 and bids for the project were received in February 2017. The bid for the contract was $1,016,340, exceeding the amount of the bonds. The GTUA aided the city in obtaining an additional $135,000 bond to provide for the remaining funds to complete the project. The project is scheduled to be completed by June of this year with the city beginning to utilize the well for its water delivery at that time.

Tom Bean officials were notified by the power provider the project needed the additional equipment in order to proceed. Satterwhite said the city had enough funds available in the bonds issued to pay for the additions.

Richard A. Todd is a reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at