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A 25-year-old Sherman woman received 25 years in prison Monday as part of a plea agreement with the Grayson County District Attorney’s office for her part in the shooting death of Sherman hotel clerk Brandon Hubert.

The terms of the agreement called for Nikeya Grant to plead guilty to a charge of aggravated robbery in exchange for the the state’s agreement to dismiss the charges of murder and capital murder in the course of a felony that she faced in Hubert’s death.

Grant is the third person to plead to charges related to Hubert’s death. Reginald Campbell and Karalyn Cross both previously entered pleas in the case.

Campbell pleaded guilty in February to shooting and killing Hubert. Campbell was sentenced to life without parole in the case. Cross pleaded guilty earlier this month to a murder charge in the case. Her sentencing date has been set for May 2.

Testimony given at the hearings of her co-defendants said Grant never got out of the car at the hotel.

Hubert was found dead at the Quality Suites, 2900 N. U.S. Highway 75, at 6 a.m. on August 11, 2017. During a sentencing hearing, Campbell admitted to shooting Hubert in the head before getting scared and running away without any money. He then admitted that he had turned around and retrieved the $300 from the robbery before leaving Hubert on the floor. Campbell told prosecutors he initially told Grant and Cross that he had shot the hotel clerk in the arm.

In court on Monday, Grant said she had only known Campbell for a few weeks on the August night that he decided to rob the local hotel. Grant told First Assistant Grayson County Attorney Kerye Ashmore that she had no criminal history prior to meeting Campbell. Grant said she was living in an apartment with her best friend, when Cross returned to Texas from California. Grant said the two had met years before and when Cross moved back to the area, Grant allowed Cross to move in with Grant and her friend.

That arrangement had been in place for around four months, she said, when Cross met Campbell online. Grant said she never allowed Campbell in her apartment and she wasn’t romantically involved with Campbell.

She said on the night of the murder, they all left in Cross’s car and headed into Oklahoma where they dropped Grant’s friend off at a strip club. They then went to visit a friend in Durant, Grant said, but neither Cross nor Campbell left the car. When she was finished visiting, Grant said, they drove to the casino where they gambled. When they left, Grant said, they returned to the Sherman area.

Testimony at previous hearings showed that at some point after that, Campbell began to talk about robbing hotels to get money. Grant said she just went along for the ride.

She said she saw that Campbell had a gun in the car “when he started messing with it.” She said she was in the front passenger’s seat and Campbell sat behind Cross, who was driving. They stopped at two hotels before the one they ultimately chose, Grant said, but Cross said those places weren’t good places to rob.

Grant said she got out of the passenger’s seat and got in the driver’s seat to move the car closer to the front of the hotel. Ashmore asked why she did that and Grant said she didn’t really know. Grant said no one told her to do it, she just did it. She said while Campbell was inside the hotel shooting Hubert, she was on Facebook.

“I wasn’t thinking about what could happen,” she told Ashmore.

Ashmore reminded her she had testified that she knew Campbell had a gun, needed money and was determined to get it by robbing a hotel.

Grant said she just didn’t see how it could escalate the way it did. She had previously testified she had been drinking that night.

She said when Campbell went into the hotel, she and Cross talked about leaving but by the time they decided to do so, Campbell was already back outside and he got in the car.

They went back to the hotel were Campbell was staying and Cross stayed the night with him. Grant said she kept Cross’ car and went home after getting some food at McDonald’s.

She said they knew someone had been shot but didn’t find out until the next day that Hubert had been killed.

They took Campbell to Dallas and dropped him off. Grant said it was after they dropped him off that they found out from Facebook that they were wanted in connection with the death.

Cross called the police and talked to them, Ashmore pointed out. Grant said they came to her home and she talked to them, but she didn’t tell the truth at first.

Judge Jim Fallon agreed to accept the plea agreement and sentenced Grant to 25 years in prison. Fallon told her she was lucky her attorney Joe Neal Smith had been able to work out the plea because she could have faced up to life in prison had she gone to trial.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, Grant will have to serve half of the 25 years before she is eligible for parole. The 25-year-old listened quietly as Hubert’s sister-in-law said she is glad that this part of the whole thing is now over. She echoed Fallon’s statement that Grant had plenty of opportunity to get out of the situation before it turned deadly. She said Grant could have called 911 to get help for Hubert once she knew someone had been shot, but she didn’t.