Texoma Medical Center is looking to add some new medical office space to the south side of its campus.

The Denison Planning & Zoning Commission recently approved a site plan for the new three-story, 80,000-square-foot Texoma Medical Plaza, which will sit to the southeast of the main hospital.

Plans for Texoma Medical Plaza show the facility will be in between Texoma Medical Center Drive and Pool Road on the east and west sides of the property, and between Grayson Drive to the south and Jerdy Gary Drive to the north. It will be constructed on the vacant lot sitting west of the Landmark Bank branch on FM 691.

The building had been previously approved in June of last year, alongside a parking garage that was not discussed at the recent meeting. At the time of the previous approval, plans for the parking garage consisted of a four-story structure that would include 1,400 parking spots.

“The new medical office and parking garage will allow TMC to continue to expand services and physician office space,” TMC CEO Ron Seal said via a text message in June.

When the building was approved last year, developer Chad Suitonu, who represented the hospital and PM Realty Group, said the parking garage and medical building were proposed to begin construction within the next two months.

Suitonu said he was hesitant to proceed with finalizing the designs without the P&Z approval, suggesting the two projects hinged on each other. The revised plan made no mention of the parking garage, but focused on the change in location of the Texoma Medical Plaza.

TMC Media Coordinator Jennifer Reed said the hospital wasn’t prepared to discuss the project at this time.

The new project comes more than a year after the hospital officially opened its new emergency room and tower.

The commission approved the site plan and landscaping as requested. Denison Director of Planning Steven Doss said the building is the same three-story, 80,000 square foot facility the commission had previously approved, but it was moved to the new location because TMC was looking to build on a different side of the hospital, closer to the existing Landmark Bank building adjacent to the lot.

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