A craft beer bar is coming to downtown Denison by way of the TRYincubator.

The Green Growler will serve as a beverage distributor for the experimental TRYincubator food court coming to downtown Denison this summer. Bar owner Dennis McCabe said he is looking forward to joining the Denison community.

McCabe said the venue will have up to 32 taps serving local craft beers.

“We will also have a large selection of wine, champagne and mead on tap along with ciders,” McCabe said. “Because we are a growler, we will have filling stations. You can sample beers, drink a glass on site or take home a canned or bottled beer or wine from our store.”

He said the benefit to the incubator restaurant space is he will be selling drinks on site for those who wish to have a drink with their food or to be able to take home a sample of a local craft beer. McCabe explained his establishment will only be selling drinks from local craft brewers — he will not be brewing any drinks himself.

Josh Massey, owner of the TRYincubator, said he sought out the Green Growler at the advice of the Denison Development Alliance. TRYincubator will be a food court-style restaurant within 507 W. Main St. that will featuring six restaurant stalls in addition to the craft beer bar. It is designed to allow prospective restaurateurs to test ideas in a collective setting with little overhead capital investment required. Massey said the venue’s layout will include a 180 square foot bar and 3,500 square foot seating area.

DDA Vice President of Business Development William Myers said the two businesses make a good fit.

“From our standpoint, we worked with TRYincubator for over two years now,” Myers said. “For their projects to come together so well made it even more exciting.”

Myers said one of the benefits for the Green Growler comes from moving into a ready-made space to serve its business model rather than having to remodel an entire building. Massey said what he liked about the business is the owner’s focus on serving the local community.

McCabe said he learned about the Texoma area after recently attending a party at 903 Brewers in Sherman.

“At the time, I was trying to open in Dallas,” McCabe said. “When I found out Sherman and Denison were wet, I decided to move up here specifically be a part of this community. I am not selling food so I have to be in a wet area.”

McCabe said he had a location in Sherman that fell through before he start talking to the TRYincubator. He said the setting will be beneficial to his business, which he expects will also benefit the other vendors.

“There is one location to have your beer or wine and six restaurants to choose from,” McCabe said. “You have a nice, large selection of restaurants and 32 beers to choose from. I like the idea — I am glad to be a part of it.”

Myers said the city is excited for TRYincubator to begin operations as he believes it will be a destination that will attract people from all over. Myers said the whole endeavor is a continuation of efforts Denison began in 2015 following a public feedback campaign that indicated people wanted more food and entertainment options downtown.

“It helps make Denison more attractive to people looking to have events in the city,” Myers said. “We are trying to make it (the city) as competitive and attractive as possible.”

Do you think this establishment will be a good fit for Denison? Let Richard A. Todd, the Herald Democrat’s Denison-area reporter know at rtodd@heralddemocrat.com.