Grayson County Commissioners took a little time to talk about a holiday subject Tuesday as they approved the bylaws for the Grayson County Holiday Lights display.

The rules presented by Retired Grayson County Judge Horace Groff and Grayson County Purchasing Agent Jeff Schneider reflect the way the county’s biggest holiday attraction has been run since its inception in 2000. However, they have only just been written down.

Since Holiday Lights began, Schneider has been a leading member of the board responsible for making decisions for the event each year. His upcoming retirement, he said, prompted him and others on that board to think that the general rules that have been used all of these years needed to be written down and presented to the commissioners for approval.

The rules include the fact that the event must always be run on a donations-only basis. This, Schneider said, was the agreement that was made with the folks at the Oliver Dewey Mayor Foundation and Clara Blackford Smith & the Aubrey Smith Foundation when those foundations provided funds to purchase the first set of lighted displays for Holiday Lights.

Additionally, Schneider said no one will be allowed to rent or sponsor signs or displays in the drive-thru and election signs and electioneering at the donation booth will not be allowed.

There is not enough parking at Loy Park for a concession stand or any activities that would inhibit the flow of traffic, he said, therefore those things will not be allowed, along with alcoholic beverages.

Along with discussing the bylaws, Groff thanked the folks who have volunteered to take up the donations at the display over the years. He said without their help, the event would not be possible. He also thanked Schneider for his help in guiding the event for its run so far, and the folks who have served as Grayson County auditor and treasurer since the display opened. Those people, Groff said, show up each night of the display to take charge of the donations.

Putting Holiday Lights on each year is a team effort that includes the folks who schedule the volunteers, work the donation booth, the Grayson County maintenance staff who keep the lights working, and the public who support it with their donations.