Sherman had one resident express concerns about the city’s planned annexation of 56 cares along Fallon Drive during a recent public hearing on the matter.

Sherman wants to extend Fallon Drive to Dripping Springs Drive as well as assist in attracting manufacturers to the industrial park in that part of town. Director of Engineer Clint Philpott said the annexation was at the request of the owners of Midway Warehouses. Sherman resident Jerry Roberts, who owns property in the 4000 block of Dripping Springs Drive addressed the City Council with some issues regarding the Fallon extension.

“Our property is right across from that lift station that is currently there,” Roberts said. “We have concerns about flood hazards, those sort of things that are already present in our neighborhood. All that area is already in terrible shape as far as flooding goes. It washes our driveway out every time we have a couple inches of rain. If we dump more water on there, we’ve got more of a problem.”

Philpott told Roberts the city could provide him a schematic design if he stopped by the engineering offices. Roberts said he would appreciate that information and told the council he wanted to make them aware of the situation before the city moved forward with the plan.

Philpott told the council there are currently 20 acres of land under contract for two additional warehouse developments with the remaining 36 acres set to be part of the future extension of Fallon Drive to Dripping Springs Drive.

“It does square off the city limits, so to speak, and opens up more land for development in this area,” Philpott said.