Sherman Police are reminding residents to lock their vehicles with video of a recent burglary illustrating just how easily thieves can access one’s unsecured car and belongings.

The video, published on the department’s Facebook page Tuesday, was recorded by a residential security camera during the overnight hours of March 30 and shows a male suspect accessing three vehicles, all of which were unlocked. The department’s post said the suspect made off with a backpack and sunglasses, but such burglaries often result in more costly property losses.

“Most burglary of vehicle instances are crimes of opportunity,” Mullen said. “Criminals will walk down the street or go through parking lots, pulling on car door handles and looking through windows. If they find an open door, they can rummage through the vehicle at their leisure.”

Mullen also encouraged owners to never leave keys inside their unattended vehicles and to never leave firearms in a vehicle, overnight.

“If your doors are locked and valuables are removed or hidden, burglars will probably move on to find an easier and more attractive target,” Mullen said.

Drew Smith is the crime and emergency reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at or on Twitter @DrewSmithHD.