Father-and-son racing team Bill and Andrew White, of Sherman, recently made it into the “200 MPH Club” after taking their Cadillac CTS-V down to the Texas Mile Speed Competition.

The duo joined roughly 500 other entrants at a small airport in Victoria from March 22-24 and, after eight runs, reached an official top speed of 202.3 mph.

“It's exhilarating to get up to that speed,” Bill White said. “But, then you realize you only have half a mile to stop, and that's where it can get even more exciting.”

Bill White, now 65, spends most days ranching and running his bail bond business, but said he got into racing as a younger man and finally set his sights on the “200 MPH Club” back in 2012 with the purchase of his four-door, all-black Cadillac.

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“I used to do a little drag racing back in the day, when I was in high school and college,” Bill White said. “It was just a little quarter-mile strip, and I didn't have a team or anything, just me and the car. But I'll tell you right now, that car was nothing compared to this thing.”

With 840 horses under the hood, White said his CTS-V will hit 140 mph on a quarter-mile straight and 170 mph at the half-mile marker. But before he could hit those numbers and join the coveted “200 MPH Club,” Bill White said he spent several years working alongside a professional tuner to maximize his vehicle's performance.

“I'd do a little modification here and a little modification there,” Bill White said. “I'd get close, but for five years I had to work for it. I started out at 170 mph, then went 180 mph, 190 mph, and 196 mph.”

Bill White's plans veered off course with a health scare in 2018, forcing him to sit out the Texas Mile that year.

“I did have a heart attack and stroke hit me,” Bill White said. “I came back from it with no paralysis or anything and really lucked out.”

Bill White said he decided to capitalize on that good fortune and returned to the Texas Mile this year to compete with his son and a handful of teammates. Andrew White said he was glad to see his father achieve his goal and was satisfied with his own 200-plus mph performance in the same car.

“I got out and shotgunned a beer, after that,” Andrew White said. “Figured 200 mph was pretty good and I didn't need to doing anymore driving for the day.”

The pair credited their success to a talented team of technicians, as well as their devotion to detail and safety. Bill White said he and his son were happy to achieve their goal and have no plans to take their car any faster….at least for now.

“We're absolutely ecstatic,” Bill White said. “It was cool to share that experience.”