Denison High School is the fifth school to be added to the list of Grayson College’s 100 percent acceptance initiative.

By joining the initiative, Denison Independent School District hopes to remove a major hurdle for several students who might not otherwise consider going to college, Denison High School Lead Counselor Carrie Boettger said.

“It is a win-win,” Boettger said. “We are very excited to be partnering with them to make sure all of our students have an option for higher education. Many of our students, even if they plan to attend a four-year college right after high school, they will end up taking some courses at Grayson College at some point. The fact is we can eliminate a barrier where we can walk them through the application process and hand them a letter that will help those on the fence know they can enroll in some courses.”

Grayson College will have representatives at the high school on Tuesday and Wednesday, Boettger said.

Students will be taken to a computer lab during their English course. Boettger said the application takes about 20 minutes. She also said that GC started with the smaller district’s while they sorted out how to get the program rolling before adding the bigger schools like Denison.

“It will give confidence to our students who feel like this is something they can never do.” Boettger said. “The ones who don’t have the support at home to do it on their own, we will be walking them through the process.”

Boettger said there are 241 Denison High School seniors participating in the initiative, which is every senior enrolled who will be able to go to college.

Also, to help DHS students with the application process, Kathryn Mathes, a DHS graduate, serves as a dedicated admissions counselor for the high school one day a week.