The National Weather Service has forecast a windy weekend for the Texoma area, along with cooler temperatures and rain chances, as a cold front moves through the region.

NWS Meteorologist Juan Hernandez, of the agency’s Fort Worth field office, said daytime temperatures will remain relatively warm as the weekend gets underway.

“As we move into Friday, the high is going to be right around 72 degrees and we will continue to see those breezy, southerly winds of 15-20 mph throughout out most of the day,” Hernandez said. “Rain chances will sit, roughly, in the 20-30 percent range.”

Hernandez said the larger front is expected to bring more severe weather to Oklahoma and the Mississippi River basin, but isolated storms could still spring up south of the Red River this weekend.

“Rain and thunderstorms are possible,” Hernandez said. “We can’t completely rule out an isolated strong storm or, possibly, even small hail.”

Storm chances will persist Saturday, but not exceed 20 percent. Temperatures, however, are poised to take a considerable drop and winds may gust as high as 35 mph.

“We’re going to have a cold front come in Saturday morning, before sunrise,” Hernandez said. “That’s going to lead to some much cooler temperatures, where highs are expected to be right around 59 degrees.”

Hernandez said storm activity was expected to dissipate by Saturday night, allowing for skies to become partly cloudy and temperatures to drop into the mid to upper 30s.

“Saturday night and into Sunday morning, it’s going to be quite cool,” Hernandez said. “It should drop down to about 37 degrees, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be at risk of hitting freezing.”

Sunday’s high will reach only 56 degrees and winds may gust as high as 20 mph, but Hernandez said Texoma residents will see lots of sunshine as the weekend wraps up. Clouds are expected to return Sunday night before overnight lows drop to the low 40s and upper 30s.

Mostly sunny skies are forecast for Monday and Tuesday. Temperatures are expected to climb back into the 70s by Wednesday and with the warmer weather comes the return of rain chances.

Hernandez encouraged those living in North Texas and the Texoma area to be aware of the potential for storm activity this spring and to stay regularly informed of the week’s weather.

“Whenever there’s any chance of storms, have a trusted, reliable source for weather updates,” Hernandez said. “Knowing when severe weather is headed your way is important and gives you more time to take the necessary precautions and seek shelter.”