Dozens of individuals gathered at Pecan Grove Park Saturday afternoon to join the Texoma Nepalese Society in celebrating the Holi festival, or celebration of colors, Saturday.

Organizer Rajenda Wagle described the event as one of the biggest celebrations in parts of the Indian subcontinent, especially in Nepal.

Attendees started with sharing food. Then, after Wagle welcomed the crowd, the music and dancing began. While dancing around the center of the pavilion everyone grabbed a handful of colored powered and began putting each others’ faces.

“This is the celebration of color,” Wagle said. “It is a celebration of good over evil. It starts at the beginning of spring. We’re going to dance, eat food together and then color each other.”

Wagle said it is primarily a Hindu celebration. He said this was the second year the Texoma Nepalese Society opened it up to the public. Previously, it was celebrated on a small scale at area residents’ homes.

“It is a very important experience for the people of our culture,” Wagle said. “We like to share ideas of our culture with everyone. It is all about living together, to make the world a better place. We want to welcome all varieties of people in Texoma.

Wagle said it is a very old tradition dating back at least 2000 years. He said there was a good turn out considering the weather.

Sherman City Council Member Shawn Teamann spoke to the crowd before the celebrations kicked off.

“I appreciate you inviting me out again this year,” Teamann said. “I had such a good time out here last year. I had no idea what to expect. It truly is an incredible celebration. It was a lot of fun. I was looking forward to it this year. Thank you very much for hosting this event here in Sherman. We greatly appreciate it.”

Muness Kandel was one of the Nepalese Americans present at the festival.

“It always makes me feel home sick because we love this back in Nepal,” Kandel said. “I used to live in Sherman. I love this place. This festival is the start of spring. We celebrate it with colors to show the triumph of good over evil.”