The Sherman City Council recently recognized the city’s public library for a prestigious award it received.

The Sherman Public Library recently received the 2018 Achievement of Excellence in Libraries Award from the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association. Sherman joins a list of 51 libraries, out of 548 in the state, that made the list. It is the second consecutive year for the library to win the award.

TMLDA Chair Shelley Holley sent a letter to the library informing the staff of the award.

“Congratulations on this accomplishment,” Holley said. “Thank you for providing your community with outstanding and innovative services to enrich the lives of your residents.”

Sherman Mayor David Plyler introduced several members of the library staff who were present during the most recent city council meeting.

“This is really an exciting day,” Plyler said. “It is always a lot of fun for me as mayor to recognize the excellence of one of our city departments. The unique thing about this is only 51 libraries out of 548 receive this award.”

Library Services Administrator MeLissa Eason told the council more about the award during the meeting.

“Everybody is really excited about it,” Eason said. “We worked really hard and it is nice to be able to recognize the staff for all the work they put in. We have a small group of employees who help with all of our programs. It is always nice to be recognized for these efforts.”

She said the library is looking for new ways to expand into the community to continue the outreach that helped it achieve the award.

Eason said the majority of the time span the award covered saw the Sherman library in its temporary building while the main building was undergoing renovations. Eason said that gave the library an opportunity to come up with new ways to reach out to the community, such as the garden program it partnered with the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension to produce.

One program she said got specific attention was when the library had one volunteer provide sign language translations to children during the summer reading program last summer.

Eason said the TLMDA looked at the unique things the Sherman library does. Eason said the library has 10 individuals total on staff and relies heavily on volunteers. She said it was a great thing to see those people get recognized for the work they do.