One of Sherman’s water pumps will be temporarily out of service for repairs. The Sherman City Council awarded a $161,068 contract to Weisinger Incorporated for the repair of Sherman pump No. 3 which is one of the three Lake Texoma water pumps.

The city gets half of its water supply from Lake Texoma and relies on the three pumps at the lake to keep the water flowing, Utilities Director Mark Gibson said.

“Two pumps can handle the system fine,” Gibson said. “When you are down to two if one goes out you can get into a situation where you can be short on the ability to pump all the water we need. There is always a possibility for failure regardless, any one pump could fail at any time. Right now we’re losing our back up capability while this is out of service.”

Gibson said the city has discovered there is one pump with a shaft leaking oil. He said it could be problems with the shaft or the motor itself. The bid is for the service provider to take the pump out of service and investigate the problems and initiate necessary repairs.

The goal is to get the pump repaired as quickly as possible to ensure there is no interruption in service, Gibson said.

The amount expected to cover the repairs will come from the utility budget where the city sets aside money for maintenance for instances like this, Gibson said.

Gibson said the city would rather repair the pump than replace it because properly maintained the pumps tend to last for several years. He also said the ones currently in use are the original pumps the city installed once those stations were created.