Collinsville Police arrested three parents on drug and child endangerment charges in separate incidents last weekend after investigators uncovered drug paraphernalia hidden in baby food containers and a five-year-old child tested positive for methamphetamine.

“Unfortunately as we’ve seen here, many times, people will have their kids with them when they buy, sell or use drugs,” Collinsville Police Patrol Officer Jon Cheshire said Thursday. “We believe it poses a danger to theses kids and we’ll take the necessary action against people who violate the law and put their children in danger.”

Cheshire said the first pair of arrests resulted from a traffic stop on March 9 near the intersection of U.S. Route 377 and Walker Street. After pulling a vehicle over for a traffic violation, Cheshire said he made contact with the occupants, Kyle Maxon, 25, and Isabelle McDonald, 20, as well as their six-month-old child, riding in the back seat. Cheshire said Maxon and McDonald consented to a search of the vehicle and after finding marijuana and methamphetamine packaged in birthday gift bag, the Collinsville Police officer said he then turned his attention to a backpack that contained baby food and diapers.

“I opened up that bag, started going through containers and items, and I was surprised to find a methamphetamine pipe and a marijuana pipe in the powdered-baby formula container,” Cheshire said. “The pipes were in there, completely exposed to the baby’s food. I also found a baggie of marijuana in one of the child’s cereal boxes.”

Investigators from the Texas Department of Family and Child Protective investigators were dispatched to the traffic stop at Cheshire’s request and took custody of the child. Cheshire said Maxon took sole responsibility for the drugs and was arrested on three possession charges, while McDonald admitted to hiding the drugs and was subsequently charged with one count of child endangerment and a tampering with evidence.

Both were booked in the Grayson County Jail. Maxon posted his $11,500 bond Friday and McDonald was still being held as of Saturday. Her bond is set at $15,000 for both offenses. It was unclear whether either Maxon or McDonald had appointed an attorney to represent them.

Cheshire said the separate meth-related arrest was made on March 11 and followed a number of attempts by CPS to investigate the well being of a five-year-old child. Cheshire said Dusty Jackson, 35, began dodging concerned CPS investigators after she violated the terms of her ongoing DWI probation by failing at least two recent drug tests and admitting to probation officers that she had been using meth in her home.

Collinsville Police located and arrested Jackson on March 10 for the probation violation. Cheshire said CPS officials assumed custody of Jackson’s child upon her arrest and a subsequent drug test revealed methamphetamine in the child’s system. Jackson was charged with child endangerment and booked into the Grayson County Jail, but bonded out the following day. It was unclear whether Jackson had appointed an attorney.

Cheshire said investigators were still working Thursday to determine how the drugs ended up in the child’s system.

While Cheshire said he was proud of the the department’s arrests, methamphetamine remains widespread and accessible and it behind a large number of victims.

“It’s the root of so many other problems,” Cheshire said. “And it’s just unfortunate that children are put into these situations.”