The Sherman Public Library will soon have a new outdoor space to entertain the public.

Sherman Public Library Services Administrator MeLissa Eason said the library is planning to add a pavilion and outdoor musical instruments she hopes will allow patrons to experience new outdoor opportunities.

“The library is a shared community place that is welcoming and free to use,” Eason said. “We already bring families to the library. Having an outdoor space for them to enjoy seems like a natural addition to what we are already doing.”

Eason said the space and musical instruments will be free to use and open to the public. Eason said the library is trying to expand into adding arts and music offerings to the services it already has and hoped the instruments would help teach children about music.

“We wanted an outdoor space where people could read or participate in our programs,” Eason said. “We thought musical instruments were a natural choice as music is good for learning and play. There will be large outdoor musical instruments. They are specialized instruments. There will be several sets of bongo drums. It is great for encouraging kids to work together.”

Eason said the library staff is also hoping to bring a butterfly garden to the new outdoor space.

“We’re going for colorful,” Eason said. “I think the library lends itself to art and music and community. Having an outdoor space that is engaging and colorful encourages movement and play.”

The library services administrator said she hopes to bring children’s entertainment to the space for things like outdoor concerts. She also is hoping to move story time outside when the weather is nice. Eason said the library staff is excited for the possibilities of providing more entertainment to children.

The Sherman Public Library reopened in its current location in August 2018 following a year long renovation project that moved the library to a temporary location. The pavilion and grassy area will be installed at the corner of Mulberry and Walnut on the southeast corner of the lot.

The Sherman City Council recently approved a request from city staff to seek bids for the pavilion and instruments. Eason said construction should begin on the pavilion as soon as those bids are approved.