Texoma residents are looking at the possibility of more rainfall for the next two days.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Ted Ryan said the region should see steady rainfall of between one to two inches per day between Tuesday and Wednesday. He said by Wednesday afternoon, the rains should subside but leave steady winds ahead of sunny skies by Thursday.

“The rain will be pretty uniform around the area,” Ryan said. “It will be a solid line of rain. Everyone in the area should get at least a couple inches.”

Ryan said temperatures are expected to remain steady in the mid-60s to upper 50s during the storms before cooling back down slightly on Thursday where the low is going to get back down into the mid-30s again.

As for the volume of rain, Ryan said it’s typical for this time of year.

“It might be a little more than we’re used to but it isn’t too unusual,” Ryan said. “We tend to get a good rain with westardly winds behind it, which is pretty typical for March. Wednesday looks like it could be a little windy — still nothing unusual for March.”

Ryan said Tuesday night into Wednesday morning should bring gusty winds throughout the area. He said there isn’t a lot of risk factors for severe weather, as the area isn’t expected to see any hail or snow.

“It’s going to be rainy, some can be heavy at times,” Ryan said. “There could be minor flooding issues in some areas. If you live in a flood zone area, you might see some minor flooding on some country roads.”

Ryan said the amount of rainfall should be around one to two inches on Tuesday and again on Wednesday with a lull in between the two systems. He said the chance of rain will increase around midnight on Tuesday. He said forecasts call for the area to be dry by Thursday, with slight winds and sunshine helping to clear things up. Ryan said the NWS doesn’t issue wind advisories too far in advance, but suggested the winds were likely to be fairly mild.

Ryan said the season is looking to be a little wetter than normal. He said it’s not unusual to have rains this time of year but that rainfall is trending upward at this time. For the upcoming week, Ryans said there isn’t any severe weather to be worried about but cautioned people in areas prone to flooding to keep an eye out for the water levels.

Ryan said things are expected to be cooler and dryer for the weekend with temperatures getting back down into the 30s. He added there isn’t any current risk for tornadoes with the storm system moving in.