The Denison City Council recently approved a $268,531 contract with Wylie-based Dyna-Mist Construction for mowing and maintenance of the new Texoma Health Foundation Park. The move comes as the city has approved other contracts for mowing services in recent weeks ahead of the upcoming growing season.

City Manager Jud Rex said the contract also includes specialty services that are needed for a regional sports complex.

“The scope is much more than just mowing and includes weed control, pest control, aeration and fertilization,” Rex said.

This will be the first full year that Denison has had to maintain the park, which opened late last summer after nearly three years of development. Dyna-Mist provided the maintenance services for the park for the remainder of 2018 after it was opened.

The city opened bid for the maintenance contract in early February and received a single bid from the project. However, Rex said two potential contractors attended a pre-bid meeting for the contract in mid-February.

This marks the third contract for mowing services that Denison has approved this year. The council approved two contracts valued at nearly $293,000 with Stephen Fulenchek and SF Landscaping for mowing and utility mowing services.

The contracts came four months after the council rejected a single $383,000 bid by Fulenchek for the city’s mowing needs in September. City officials said the council decided to reject the bid and reopen the bidding process in an effort to bring in competition and a better deal.

“Since that time, we have split that contract in two,” Parks and Recreation and Cemeteries Superintendent Chip Egger said in February.

The contract separated the city’s parks and general mowing services from the utility mowing, which typically is smaller parcels. City officials said there were some potential contractors interested in the utility mowing that were not interested in the rest of the city’s mowing needs.

While the contracts were both won by Fullenchek, the city ultimately saved about $90,000 compared to the single contract.

Rex said the contract with Dyna-Mist is more specialized than the general mowing contract due to the nature of the $16 million park. With multiple soccer and baseball fields, the park will need specialty care and maintenance to keep it up to tournament level, he said.

“This is much more than mowing,” Rex said. “You really have to tend to and take care of your soccer fields.”

Rex also noted that the contract does not include the maintenance of the other buildings and facilities on the park property.