The risk for wintry precipitation in Texoma remains minimal this weekend, but the National Weather Service said the region will be subjected to bitter cold and winds which will make temperatures feel as low as the single digits.

NWS Meteorologist Juan Hernandez, of the agency’s Fort Worth field office, said after riding out a 60-percent chance of storms and showers Saturday night and early Sunday morning, the area would be inundated with sharply colder, arctic air driving south.

“Right around sunrise Sunday, temperatures really start to take a dive,” Hernandez said. “We’re only looking at a high of about 35 degrees on Sunday.”

Hernandez said light, freezing rain is expected to fall between 6 a.m. and noon Sunday, but rainfall totals are not expected to exceed half of an inch. With Sunday’s forecasted high to hover just above the freezing mark, Hernandez said the likelihood of any ground accumulation affecting travel remains low.

“There could be some minor accumulation on elevated surfaces, like bridges and overpasses,” Hernandez said. “Some very light accumulation may also be possible on cars or trees, but other than that, we’re not really expecting any major impacts. By the time temperatures really get low and down into the 20s, the rain should be pretty well gone and things should be pretty dry.”

Northerly winds are expected to push showers out of the area Sunday afternoon and evening, but Hernandez said those same winds will couple with falling temperatures and make for considerably harsher conditions.

“Things will dry out, but temperatures, unfortunately, will continue to drop,” Hernandez said. “Overnight, we’re expecting to drop down to 16 degrees. But with those winds of 15-20 miles per hour, we’re looking at wind-chill values that are actually going to make it feel like it’s right around zero degrees.”

Hernandez also said those who will be affected by the cold weather should dress warmly and seek shelter with appropriate heating.

With the official start of spring less than three weeks away, Hernandez said it was not out of the norm for North Texas and the Texoma region to see one last cold front arrive in early or mid March.

“Essentially, every year we get a late-season cold front that will really knock our temperatures down,” he said. “So it’s not unusual to see a front like this one, but the temperatures we’re seeing are way below normal for this time of year.”

Overnight clouds are expected to dissipate and give way to partly-sunny skies Monday morning. Daytime temperatures are expected to remain below freezing. And when evening clouds return, nighttime temperatures will fall to roughly 20 degrees.

Warmer conditions are expected on Tuesday with a high of 39 degrees and a low of 24 degrees, Hernandez said. Wednesday’s high is expected to climb into the upper 40s and overnight lows will remain above freezing.

The next chance for rain comes Thursday.