Sub-freezing temperatures and rain showers are expected to descend upon Grayson County and the Texoma area this weekend, but National Weather Service forecasts point to a low likelihood of any wintry precipitation impacting the region.

NWS Meteorologist Bianca Villanueva, of the agency’s Fort Worth field office, said daytime temperatures are expected to reach roughly 50 degrees on both Friday and Saturday, but a cold front, set to arrive Saturday night, will drive high temperatures down into the low- to mid-30s on Sunday and Monday.

“We’re seeing a mass of cold Arctic air spill south and that’s what’s causing these fairly drastic temperature changes and rain chances,” Villanueva said Thursday.

While Villanueva said the weekend precipitation totals are likely to remain low, the region is expected to see a 40 percent chance for showers on Saturday, before peaking at 80 percent overnight and decreasing to 60 percent on Sunday.

“We will see some cold showers on Sunday and, depending on how cold it actually gets, there could be a low potential for some wintry mix, some wintry weather,” Villanueva said.

After dropping to 34 degrees on Saturday night, Villanueva said temperatures are set to remain near the freezing mark all day Sunday and drop well below it during the evening hours, with a low of just 19 degrees. While showers are forecast for the first half of Sunday, Villanueva said the chance of wintry precipitation falling and accumulating remained minimal.

“It’s so low that we don’t even have it in the forecast right now, but it’s something that we’re monitoring,” Villanueva said. “It’s just a matter of whether what little moisture is left is going to still be around when the temperatures drop below freezing.”

Clouds are expected to give way to partly sunny skies Sunday afternoon, but Villanueva said the cold conditions will persist and play off strong winds, gusting as high as 30 mph.

“Everyone needs to make sure they’re bundled up, because we’ve got some breezy winds ahead and that’s actually going to make it feel even colder,” Villanueva said. “Even though the high is looking like it’ll be right around 35 degrees, the feels-like temperature will actually be down in the low 20s. In other words, it’s going to feel pretty cold and miserable outside.”

Temperatures will likely stay at or below the freezing point Monday with a high of 32 degrees and a low of 22 degrees. Sunny conditions are expected to accompany climbing temperatures into the 40s on Tuesday and Wednesday.