The Texoma Exposition and Livestock Show at Loy Lake Park in Denison, an annual tradition in Grayson County since 1948, is slated to get underway on Monday.

Board of directors Vice President Drue Bynum said it’s already looking to be a record-breaking year with an increased number of participants signed up.

“It’s been growing steadily,” Bynum said. “We looked at it a few years ago as more kids were less interested in agriculture, but our numbers have only increased every year. It’s been amazing to see.”

The young people will begin moving their animal to the grounds on Monday with activities open to the public set to kick off Tuesday starting with the lamb show at 9 a.m. There will be different showings every day until Friday, when things culminate with the premium sale and buyers luncheon.

Bynum said there are roughly 800 students expected to show nearly 1,800 animals. He said the show also typically has around an additional 500 entries in the fine arts competition.

“We believe this continues to teach the kids a work ethic,” Bynum said Friday. “It shows them the importance of sticking with something. Take today as an example. It’s cold and rainy out and the kids are still taking care of their animals.”

Bynum explained the exposition and livestock show gives the community the chance to see all the hard work the young people put in throughout the year.

“Historically, Grayson County has an agriculture-based economy,” Bynum said. “We still have roots in agriculture and there are still enough people who want to see that continue. They come out here with their kids, grandkids and friends. The families are just as proud of seeing the kids showing as the kids are who get to show.”

Bynum said for many of the children, it is the only show they get to attend.

“It gives the kids a sense of ownership and spirit to do their best, even under harsh circumstances,” Bynum said. “At the end of the day, a lot of these kids have had these animals since summer. To see it come to an end is rewarding for them. It can be sad for the kids, but it is also an experience to teach them life principals, to work hard and stick with something.”

Bynum said the entire show is open to the public and people are welcome to visit its website for more information, along with a complete schedule of events.