A new cell tower being considered for construction in Sherman was put on hold at a recent Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.

The construction of a new cell tower to be located at 605 East Pecan Street was to be considered by the Sherman commission’s board of adjustments but was tabled at the request of the applicant at the meeting.

Tillman Infrastructure representative Steve Herlinger asked for the item to be tabled in order to allow him and his client to discuss the issues in the staff review letter.

“We want to be sure we address all the concerns the letter has on our drawings,” Herlinger said. “We also want to speak to the fire marshal to make sure we can come back with some answers to those issues.”

The request was for the board to issue a variance to allow a 124 foot tall wireless cell tower in lieu of the usually allowed 100 feet tall in a heavy manufacturing district. The second question was for an exception to allow the proposed wireless cell tower to be 40 feet from the north property line, 10 feet from the east property line and 48 feet from the west property line rather than the required 124 feet from any property line in a heavy manufacturing district.

In the staff review letter, city staff had concerns with the fire lanes and directed the applicants to contact the fire marshal. Other concerns the city had were in regard to the parking surfaces, as well as compliance with Environmental Protection Agency, city, federal and state regulations for the intended use.

Because the item was tabled, it could be brought back for consideration during the commission’s next meeting in March.