Though it may seem like Texoma has gotten a lot of rain over the last week, the National Weather Service said the area is below average precipitation totals for the first two months of 2019. With a little more than a half an inch of rain in February and a little less than half an inch in January, 2019 is below average for precipitation as well as in temperatures.

Over the next few days, residents of North Texas should not expect to see any further precipitation.

“This week will not be as dreary as it has been the last couple of days,” meteorologist Juan Hernandez from the NWS Fort Worth field office said Saturday. “Overall, we should see temperatures on the warm trend tomorrow in the upper 50s and lower 60s by Monday.”

Temperatures should be in the mid 60s by Tuesday before a cold front enters the area.

“The cold front will come in Wednesday night and bring temperatures into the low 30s,” Hernandez said. “And temperatures on Thursday will be in the lower 50s.”

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all currently have about a 20 percent chance of showers. The temperatures are expected to rise back into the 60s at the end of the week.

A wind advisory went into effect Saturday morning for Gainesville, Sherman, Denison, Plano, McKinney, Frisco and Dallas that saw strong winds affect motorists. Boaters are asked to be cautious and residents are asked to secure trash cans, lawn furniture and lightweight outdoor objects during such a wind advisory.

Hernandez believed that the wind speeds for the week ahead would not reach the 35 mph that they hit on Saturday.

“Right now, we have sustained 25 mph and have gusts at 35,” he said. “This is just for today though. It should come down in speed right around sunset and then for the week ahead, the wind speed should be around 10-15 mph.”

Looking back over the last two months, Hernandez said 2019 has not been like years past though there have been some typical days mixed in.

“So far for the week, we are looking at .08 of an inch of rain and for the month .58 of an inch of rain,” Hernandez said for Grayson County. “It comes out to be an inch even for 2019. It is below average.”

For the month of February, the area is at about an inch and 0.69 from normal.

“So far, we should have received more rain in 2019,” Hernandez said. “Our temperatures have been slightly below average. We have had some warm days, which take away at the difference — overall our temperatures have been slightly below average.”