The Sherman City Council will hold a special meeting to conduct a training workshop this month.

As the city has done in each of the last two years, Sherman is bringing lawyer E. Allen Taylor Jr., the founding partner of Taylor, Olson, Adkins, Srala and Elam, LLP, in to conduct the training workshop. Last year’s training covered zoning, governance and subdivision regulation.

“When I give this talk, I generally try to cover three different things,” Taylor said to the council last year. “First is zoning — land use regulation. Second, which follows it, and is a portion of the zoning, is governance as it relates to managing your role as a city council member in the regulatory process. Then the final element I’m going to talk about is subdivision regulation because that is workbook law.”

City Manager Robby Hefton previously said he and his staff decided to make the training an annual event after Taylor gave the workshop in 2017.

“We try to do this annually, No. 1 for the new council members that come in because they haven’t had the training and many of the new council members these days haven’t been on P&Z the Planning & Zoning Commission), so they don’t understand the relationships between P&Z and council,” Hefton said last year. “Also it’s a great reminder for our existing city council members because although he covers much of the same material, he covers it from different angles.”

Council member Sandra Melton, who won the At-Large Place 2 seat last November, is the only member that received the training last year. However, in addition to being useful for new members, Hefton previously said the training also serves as a refresher for the other council members and city staff.

The special meeting is set for 11 a.m. on Wednesday in the council chambers of City Hall.