A pair of public hearings for the annexation of a nearly 10 acre tract of land just outside city limits will be held during the Sherman City Council’s meeting at 5 p.m. Monday in the council chambers of City Hall, 220 W. Mulberry St.

During its last meeting, the council approved an annexation schedule for the 9.758 acres of land that are part of a larger 30 lot subdivision that is partially inside the city limits. As part of the schedule, the council will hold both legally required public hearings on the proposed annexation during its meeting Tuesday.

“You have to have two public hearings — they can be no more than 40 days from the action, but no closer than 20 days,” City Attorney Brandon Shelby said of the official annexation ordinance that is scheduled for the council’s March 18 meeting. “Normally we try to put those on regular council meetings, but there’s nothing in state law that precludes us from having both hearings at the same meeting and that would prevent us from having to call a special meeting for this annexation, which is voluntary and requested.”

Director of Engineering Clint Philpott explained the annexation was requested by Washington Bend LLC.

“They are the current owners and developers of what looks to be a 30 lot subdivision along Washington Street, just north of Timbercreek Road,” Philpott said. “The total development is 22 acres, about 10 of those acres are not within the city, so they requested to be annexed in so they could continue to develop that entire property.”

The council will also hold a trio of public hearings on items approved during last month’s Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, as well as one on its “Building and Excavating Operations” ordinance.

The calendar for the fiscal year 2019-2020 budget process will also be considered, as will a request from Downtown Sherman NOW for temporary street closures for its Craft the Night Away event in April. Finally, final plat approval will be considered for a pair of city cemeteries before the council goes into a closed executive session near the end of the meeting.

During that session, the council will deliberate on economic development negotiations before returning to open session to take any actions deemed necessary during the executive session.