Denison Police said a man was arrested and charged for drunk driving early Friday morning after he struck a fire hydrant with his pickup and then began to drag it under his vehicle — all in full view of an on-duty officer.

Lt. Mike Eppler said the officer was in the police department’s parking lot at approximately 1 a.m., when she heard a loud crash and observed the involved vehicle traveling in the 100 block of Houston Street

“She looked over and saw the vehicle dragging the fire hydrant up underneath it,” Eppler said. “So, she initiated a traffic stop, did a field sobriety test and determined that driver was intoxicated.”

Eppler said the man appeared to be aware of the collision, but continued to travel for a short distance before he was stopped. And despite failing the sobriety test, Eppler said the man told officers the collision was simply an accident.

“He said he just couldn’t see well at night,” Eppler said.

No injuries were reported and no other vehicles were involved. It wasn’t immediately clear Friday morning whether damage to the hydrant resulted in the loss of water or affected area utilities.

The Denison Police lieutenant encouraged members of the public never to drink and drive.

“Do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you’ve been drinking,” Eppler said. “Have a designated driver, call someone to come get you or just make other arrangements to get home safely.”