After less than a month of being down a member, Sherman’s Library Board is once again full. However, the city’s Keep Sherman Beautiful Commission recently lost its chairperson for the last three years.

The Sherman City Council recently appointed Donna Nesbit to fill a vacancy on the Library Board that had come open last month. During a January meeting, the council reappointed three board members, but a fourth did not wish to be reappointed and there were no other applicants.

The Library Board serves on an advisory basis for the director of library services, city manager and the council. Requirements for the board state members have to be residents of Sherman, have knowledge of library operations and appreciate books. As part of her application for the board, Nesbit stated she has a master’s degree in library services.

The Keep Sherman Beautiful Commission had four members’ terms expire earlier this year, but only two of those expressed a desire to be reappointed. The council reappointed Amanda Smith and Amanda Phillips to two-year terms on the commission and added new member Bri Berry for the same term.

Sarah Whitt didn’t respond to Sherman’s attempts to inquire whether she wished to be reappointed and Zac Grantham responded that he did not wish to be reappointed. Grantham had served as the commission’s chairman for the last three years.

Sherman also had applications to the commission on file from Ronald Engelke and Rajendra Wagle, but in a document prepared for the council, city staff recommended the two reappointments and just Berry as a new appointment.