Sunday’s deadline for Best of Texoma nominations nears following an already record-breaking public participation. The 60,000 nominating votes already submitted constitute an increase over any previous year and we have today left to be sure our votes are heard.

Nominations for entries in 177 categories will come to an end on at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 10, when the voting for the first phase of this year’s contest comes to a close.

“We are excited to see Texomans are voting in record numbers to help this year’s Best of Texoma again reflect what the community believes is the best in our area,” Texoma Marketing and Media Group Publisher Nate Rodriguez said. “Best of Texoma is another way we provide valuable information to the community and consumers with results driven by the voters. The Best of Texoma gala and the annual Best of Texoma magazine also help us fund our core mission of bringing the news to the people. Best of Texoma reflects what our community thinks is truly best in Texoma.”

Nominations can be made by use of the paper, mail-in ballots, which are in your Herald Democrat, today or more easily, online at Everyone submitting nominations in 25 or more different categories will be entered in the BOT Sweepstakes drawing to win $200.

Runoff voting is set for Feb. 15-20 for the categories in which there is no clear top 3, followed by the announcement of the final top 3 for each category on Feb. 21. The final round of balloting to determine the Best of Texoma will begin on March 14 and run through March 29. Final round voting will be online only through

“Voter participation is essential in reflecting what the people think is the Best of Texoma in each category,” Executive Editor Adrian O’Hanlon III said. “We look forward to talking with the winners in each category for stories on topics Texomans care about. These stories featuring our winners as subject matter experts will first begin appearing in the Best of Texoma magazine and will continue throughout the year in our numerous publications. The 2018 Best of Texoma Magazine, broke records as being the largest magazine produced and distributed in the area at more than 232 pages. We expect the 2019 Best of Texoma Magazine to be even bigger. The BOT Magazine will be pre-released at the BOT Gala and will be be available the day after to Herald Democrat subscribers in their Sunday, April 28th paper.”

Winners will be announced at the Best of Texoma Gala on Saturday, April 27, at the Texoma Event Center located in the Hilton Garden Inn. Last year, more than 760 people attended the event with a total sold-out venue with another 100 on a waiting list for tickets. Last year's event was the largest awards and dinner event ever held in Grayson County and the largest ever held at the Texoma Event Center. The BOT staff has already been in talks with the Texoma Event Center to increase capacity to allow as many deserving winners the opportunity to celebrate. 

Do not miss the chance to make your preferences known. Join in the nominating process from now until Feb. 10, and vote in the final runoff. Voter participation is the engine that drives the success of Best of Texoma. Let your voices be heard.

Online voters may submit One (1) Ballot per IP or email address per day. If votes cast do not follow guidelines, they will be deemed invalid and will result in all votes by said IP or Email address to be disqualified for the duration of the 2019 cycle. Paper ballot voters may submit a total of four (4) Ballots during the Contest Period. Paper ballots and online NOMINATION ballots must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CT Feb. 10. Online Ballots for TOP 3 VOTING must be received by 11:59 p.m. CT on March 29 in order to be eligible (the “Ballot Deadline”). No Ballots will be accepted after this time.