After a Denison crew had a valve break while installing a new fire hydrant, the city had to interrupt water service for an area near Hyde Park Elementary Friday afternoon.

Denison posted on its Facebook page Friday afternoon that the water interruption was expected for six to eight hours beginning at 3:30 p.m. because of the need for an “emergency water repair.”

“Due to school going on, they’re able to wait until 3:30 (p.m.) to begin repairs,” Director of Community Engagement Sunny Mackey said of the city’s decision following coordination with administration from Hyde Park Elementary.

In its social media post, Denison said the area affected could include Hyde Park from Loy Lake to Sunset, as well as Shawn Regal and Odell streets.

“There’s always the chance that it could last longer, but they feel comfortable with that,” Mackey said of the city crew’s six to eight hour work estimate. “If it were to be longer, we would post that or let you guys know.”

Mackey said the broken valve didn’t result in a loss of pressure and, after speaking with Assistant Director of Public Works-Utilities Leanne Wilson, there was no need for a boil notice of any kind.

“Due to the size and the isolated area of the line, there is no need, nor is it required by the state,” Mackey said of what she was told by Wilson.