Editor's note: This article has been updated throughout.

Sherman Police charged and jailed Tiffany Council and Lavita Gant Friday for the aggravated robbery of the OneStop convenience store earlier this week

Sherman Police initially believed a male and female suspect, as seen in a surveillance photo released, were involved. However, the male seen in the photo was ruled out by police and the two women were identified as the suspects. They were charged with aggravated robbery and booked into the Grayson County Jail on Friday afternoon.

In an emailed press release, the department said officers and detectives had determined Council and Gant conspired together to rob the store and both were charged and jailed at the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office jail.

In the initial press release on the robbery, the department said a female suspect pulled out a knife and took money from the cash register drawer before leaving the area. No injuries were reported and Sherman Police said the suspects made off with less than $300.