Drivers in Grayson and Fannin counties are encouraged to be aware of possible traffic changes and travel delays as Texas Department of Public Safety crews and contractors conduct weekly road improvements in the coming days.

“Motorists are advised to remain alert and pay special attention to all signs, barricades and traffic controls, and reduce their speed as they approach and travel through work zones,” an emailed Texas Department of Transportation press release said. “They should also avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating, drinking, or car audio or navigation systems.”

Schedules of the following projects are subject to change due to weather conditions, equipment failure or other issues.

Grayson County

On FM 691, between U.S. Highway 75 and Loy Lake Road, single-lane closures are expected as crews begin to widen FM 691 into a five-lane thoroughfare. The intersection of Hwy. 75 and Loy Lake will be temporarily converted into a four-way stop and eventually be made into a permanently signalized intersection.

Motorists on FM 1417, traveling between FM 691 and U.S. Highway 82, may encounter traffic shifts and slow moving vehicles as workers widen FM 1417.

Southbound drivers on Hwy. 75 in Denison can expect shoulder closures and lane shifts between FM 120 and Crawford Street as crews construct new freeway exit and entry ramps. The southbound freeway exit for Crawford Street is closed. Drivers needing to use the exit are advised to use the FM 120-Morton Street exit, instead.

On the northbound lanes of Hwy. 75 in Sherman, drivers between FM 1417 and Choctaw Creek may encounter shoulder closures and lane shifts as workers construct new entry and exit ramps. Existing ramps will remain open during the construction of new ramps.

Hwy. 75 throughout Grayson County is expected to see rolling, nighttime concrete repairs and lane closures through Thursday. Lane closures begin at 7:30 p.m. each night and end by 6 a.m.

Drivers on Hwy. 75, from the Grayson-Collin county line to the Texas-Oklahoma state border, are likely to encounter workers and transport vehicles on shoulders and medians as they remove debris. Crews will work during daylight hours only on Wednesday and Friday.

On Hwy. 82, between FM 131 and FM 1897, and on U.S. Route 69, between State Highway 56 and Hwy. 75, drivers may be affected by temporary lane closures as workers install safety treatments to fixed objects along the roadways.

And drivers on State Highway 11 between Route 69 and State Highway 121, may encounter single-lane closures as workers repair and widen the roadway.

Fannin County

Motorists in Honey Grove, along State Highway 56 and FM 100, may encounter shoulder closures and occasional lane closures for shoulder closures as workers install new pedestrian sidewalk ramps and curbs. Crews will also be conducting similar installations on State Highway 78 in Bonham.

On Hwy. 82, from Hwy. 121 to the Fannin-Lamar county line, motorists are advised to watch for slow-moving construction vehicles and equipment as crews widen the thoroughfare from two lanes to four lanes. Watch for lane closures on Hwy. 78 and Hwy. 121 as crews construct a new, westbound Hwy. 82 overpass. Crews are scheduled to install bridge beams at the Hwy. 82 and Hwy. 78 intersection on the evening of Thursday Feb. 4. Highway 78 will be closed to traffic beginning at 9 p.m. Thursday and will be re-opened by 6 a.m. Friday.

On FM 1752, from FM 898 to Hwy. 82, drivers should watch for temporary, single-lane closures as workers repair and widen the roadway.

CR 2275 at Coffee Mill Creek is closed to traffic as crews the bridge structure.

On FM 816, between the Fannin-Hunt county line and Hwy. 78, and on Recreation Road 3, two miles east of FM 273, motorists are advised to watch for temporary lane closures on fixed objects along the roadways..