Gunter Independent School District took the lead in the race for the UIL Lone Star Cup in Class 3A.

It’s the first time the district has been in first place and although the final results won’t be released until July, Gunter school officials are already watching closely.

“We knew our performances have been stellar this fall,” Gunter ISD Superintendent Jill Siler said. “When we found out we were tied for first we were excited. Then we learned our cheerleaders did well, we learned that put us in first by ourselves.

“We were so proud of our kids and how they support each other,” Siler added. “It is so incredible how the community comes out to support these kids, it is exciting.”

Gunter ISD leads the standings with 23 points, while East Bernard sits in second with 22 points. The two teams were previously tied atop the standings before Gunter took sole possession of first place.

The event that put the district over the top was a cheerleading contest the district did well in last month.

Siler said the school hopes for its best finish and first cup win after getting its first lead with some achievements yet to be tallied in the this year’s standings.

“Some of our accomplishments haven’t been counted — sending three choir students to the state UIL contest also helped us,” Siler said. “It’s been a good year for us.”

A district earns points based on a variety of factors ranging from how well an athletic team performs to the academic activities.

UIL Media Coordinator Kate Hector explained how the standings can change.

“Everything is separated by conference,” Hector said. “The ranking and points fluctuates from conference to conference depending on activities. A 5A or 6A school might have swimming while a 4A or smaller school won’t. The final update is after baseball. Then schools have a couple of weeks to review everything to ensure there are no discrepancies. Once we hit July 1, standings are final.”

Once everything is final, the top district in each conference will be presented with a trophy. There are currently six classifications from 1A to 6A. Schools across the state compete against all the other schools in their respective conference, with no regards to region or area lines.

“Our goal is to make the top ten,” Siler said. “We haven’t done that since 2012.”