Ector High School seniors will be the first students to receive a personal visit from a Grayson College representative as part of the school’s 100 percent acceptance initiative.

Grayson College Director of Admissions and Registrar Brandi Furr said she will be heading to Ector High to visit with the 17 seniors at the school on Thursday. She will be hand-delivering personal acceptance letters to each of the students. After that she intends to spend time with the students showing them how to apply for the college.

“We have an initiative to provide a 100 percent acceptance rate to all seniors in Grayson County,” Furr said. “What it means is if you are a senior, you are already accepted. There are certain components you still have to complete in order to be admitted. We haven’t figured out the logistics of how we are going to bring this to other schools. We felt with Ector being so small, we could meet the seniors individually.”

Furr said she plans to meet and discuss what to do with the other schools over the course of the remainder of the school year.

“We hope to have a principal’s luncheon on Feb. 12,” Furr said. “This is one of the topics we will discuss with the principals then. Our goal is to reach everybody to tell them they have a home at Grayson College, to tell them they can go here and get that college culture.”

Ector High Principal Brad Evans said he thought it was a great idea.

“It gives students who wouldn’t give college thought a chance to pursue either a certificate or associate’s degree to better themselves and go into higher learning,” Evans said. “I like it because we need all the help we can get, especially being a rural district letting the kids know what is out there. It is hard enough being in our location. Having a college who wants to come to us is a wonderful idea.”

He said this will be a new experience for Ector, which typically has between 15-20 seniors most years.

“Ector ISD does not have to be the end of these students’ educational pursuits if they do not want it to be,” Evans said. “There is always someone who will accept them to try to make them better people.”