A new auto repair shop recently got its final approval from Sherman to open for business.

The Sherman City Council approved a specific use permit for applicant Shu Yang to open an automobile repair business at 1305 N. Sam Rayburn Freeway, between Evergreen Street and Sycamore Street. The location was once an AAMCO Transmission location and previously received a specific use permit to operate as a repair shop in 2014, but that business had since closed.

“They are conditioned that they have no outside storage or display of automobile parts, tires, anything like that,” Director of Development Services Scott Shadden said of a condition imposed by the Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission. “Everything’s got to be inside — all repairs.”

In addition to repair and maintenance services, the applicant told the city the business would offer air conditioning, brakes, steering/suspension, transmission and alignment services.

Council member Willie Steele, who ultimately voted against the specific use permit, asked Shadden about the outdoor storage condition on the permit.

“They did agree at P&Z to not sell tires or do body work,” Shadden said.

After Steele asked about the location needing a new specific use permit and whether the new business would have to follow all the city requirements, Shadden noted the council could also place a condition on its approval that the business isn’t allowed to store anything outside.

“But that already is a condition, correct?” Steele said and was told it was a condition. “That’s something that should be looked at on an ongoing basis. I just have a problem with auto repair shops that just pile up, pile up, pile up.”

Council member Pam Howeth then asked a representative of the business about plans for the exterior of the building.

“I’m glad to see, first off, the building is going to be used,” Howeth said. “It’s beginning to look a little on the run down side. Some of the areas around it look a little overgrown. I was just wondering if you had planned to do anything to maybe make it look a little nicer.”

The representative from the business said the building would be cleaned up, painted and landscaping would be done around it.

Herald Democrat reporter Richard A. Todd contributed to this story.