A new wedding and event venue planned for Sherman recently got its final approval from the city.

The Sherman City Council recently approved a specific use permit to allow a wedding and party event venue with living quarters at 402 South Crockett Street, which is on the southwest corner of that road’s intersection with Cherry Street in what was formerly the Jarvis Law Firm building.

“It’s in historical row and they will be required to go to the Historical (Preservation) Board,” Director of Development Services Scott Shadden said to the council. “They have parking agreements at the churches across the street and would be required to keep those in force.”

In a document created for the council, city staff said First Baptist Church of Sherman is allowing use of its parking lot at 425 South Crockett Street and that a certificate of appropriateness is required from the Historical Preservation Board before any change of use for the premises.

City documents state the property’s owner, Wormington Estates LLC, is planning to use the second floor of the building as a weekend overnight rental and gave a typical tenant example as family of those renting the space for a wedding. As events are expected to take place from Fridays through Sundays, the owners told the city they will be mirroring the River Road Chateau venue they own in Anna, though this will be a much smaller space, typically only being able to service weddings of 25-50 people.

The River Road Chateau’s website states the Anna venue is on 76 acres and has a nearly 4,000 square foot hall that can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Shadden noted the specific use permit was approved by the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously. The council was also unanimous in its approval of the permit.

Herald Democrat reporter Richard Todd contributed to this article.