Sherman Police said a 42-year-old man was arrested on a bestiality charge last week after he allegedly engaged in a sex act with his own dog last summer.

Sgt. Brett Mullen said on the morning of Jan. 17, the department received a tip from an individual who pointed investigators toward evidence related to the alleged incident. Mullen said he could not elaborate on the evidence obtained, but said it was enough to obtain an arrest warrant and the man was taken into custody within a matter of hours.

“Our investigation was conducted and revealed that in June of 2018 (the suspect) did engage in sexual conduct or contact with a dog,” Mullen said. “That is not generally-accepted and otherwise lawful animal husbandry or veterinarian practice.”

Mullen said the dog was not injured in the alleged incident and had been moved to a different home before police began their investigation.

The man was booked into the Grayson County Jail, but was released after posting a $5,000 bond.

Mullen said bestiality is a state jail felony and was only made a formal criminal offense in Texas in September 2017. The charge is punishable by up to two years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

“This is the first one, the first bestiality case for Sherman PD,” Mullen said. “We do take this (alleged) act seriously. It will be investigated and prosecuted just like any other offense.”