The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission approved replat requests for Heritage Farms Estate.

Wyldewood Homes LLC asked the planning and zoning commission to approve replat of Heritage Farms Estate, a development at the 1100-1300 blocks of South FM 1417 that would feature 93-residential zoned lots as well as six commercial lots.

David Vilbig, the civil engineer for the project, said the issue his client was asking the board to address centered on what he called the bubble of the cul de sac at the southwest corner of the property.

“The main lots we are requesting are the bubble lots at the southwest corner,” Vilbig said. “Whenever we do a bubble, it is 60 foot at the building setback line. We’re asking for a narrower frontage.”

He said it was the two lots on either side of the bubble that were causing the trouble. The request for narrow widths on the adjacent lots would make everything fit.

“The first two lots, I think we can adjust those out where they will be the first one is 61 foot at the building line and the second one is 60 foot at the building line,” Vilbig said.

Commission Chairman Clay Mahone asked why they were still asking for the variance if they could make them fit.

“Are you saying Lots 20 and lot 2 you are no longer requesting? The lots you are asking for are pretty narrow lots,” Mahone said.

“We are still asking for the variance,” Vilbig said. “I think we can adjust those as we work thorugh the final plat process. As it is right now we’re requesting those as stated.”

The board approved the variances as requested and the Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission approved the replat as requested, subject to the staff review letter.