Sherman Police

Continuous violence — A woman called Jan. 12 to report another female had been assaulted in the 3600 block of South U.S. Hwy. 75. Upon arrival, an officer spoke with the victim and she stated her common law spouse assaulted her and threw her to the floor. The victim had injuries on her arm. The victim’s two small children witnessed the assault and gave statements. The suspect had previous convictions for family violence. This was the fourth report of family violence the victim made against the suspect in less than 12 months. The suspect also had a warrant for family violence. The suspect was arrested for the confirmed warrant and for family violence. He was taken to the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.

Possession — Officers responded Jan. 11 to the report of a theft from a store in the 4800 block of Texoma Parkway. From their investigation they found a male suspect had stolen over $100 worth of merchandise. The suspect was arrested for theft from $100-$750 and an outstanding warrant. The suspect was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine. A report was filed for possession of a controlled substance from one to four grams. He was transported to the Grayson County Jail and booked for the warrant and theft.

Theft — Officers responded Jan. 11 to the report of shoplifting at a store in the 400 block of East U.S. Hwy. 82. Upon arrival and investigation, it was discovered that the suspect had mixed non-purchased items in with purchased items and passed all final points of sale. All items were recovered and the investigation is ongoing.

Forgery — Officers were dispatched Jan. 11 to the 2200 block of Texoma Parkway in reference to a counterfeit bill being used at a local business. Upon arrival, they spoke with the suspect. The subject received a fake $100 bill earlier in the day as a payment and wanted to try to get real money back for it. A report was generated for forgery government/national instrument/money/security.

Assault — An officer responded Jan. 11 to an assault in the 400 block of East U.S. Hwy. 82. Upon investigation, it was found that one juvenile had been assaulted by a group of other juveniles. Evidence was collected and a report for assault causing bodily injury was filed.

Tampering with evidence — An officer conducted a pre-shift inspection of his patrol vehicle in the Sherman Police Department parking lot. The officer discovered a clear baggie filled with an off-white crystalline substance. The substance tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed seven grams. In-car video footage was reviewed and a suspect was identified. A report was generated for tamper/fabricate physical evidence with intent to impair.

Burglary of a building — Officers responded Jan. 12 to the report of a theft in the 1600 block of North Ricketts. An investigation was conducted revealing that a workshop had been broken into with multiple tools being stolen. A report for burglary of a building was generated.

Possession — An officer arrested a male suspect Jan. 12 for family violence in the 200 block of South Travis. The suspect was searched, and a small bag of marijuana was located in the suspect’s coat pocket. The suspect was arrested for possession of marijuana less than two ounces.

Denison Police

Theft — Store personnel stated Jan. 14 that a female suspect concealed merchandise in her purse and went past the last point of sale without paying for it. The suspect was arrested for theft over $100.

Search warrant — Information was received Jan. 15 about possible drug activity at a residence in the 700 block of West Crawford. Investigators obtained and served a search warrant on the residence. A male suspect was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. A female suspect was arrested for an outstanding parole warrant.

Theft — A male victim stated Jan. 15 that someone stole his debit card in the 300 block of East Shepherd and used it at some local businesses. Officers will be following up on leads.

Possession — Officers observed a male Jan. 15 on a bicycle at Woodard and Scullin holding a box he was going through or putting something into. The male was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana less than two ounces and resisting arrest.

Assault — Officers responded Jan. 15 to the call of an assault in the 1000 block of West Ford. The common law wife of the suspect stated the suspect yelled at their small child and when she told him to not do that, the suspect back-handed her in the face. The suspect also assaulted another female who was trying to get into a camper to get a telephone. The suspect left the scene.

Assault — A male victim stated Jan. 15 he saw three suspicious men in the parking lot of his motel in the 1500 block of South Austin. When he approached them, one of the men assaulted him by punching, hitting and kicking him. The investigation will continue.

Theft of firearm — A male victim stated Jan. 15 that an unknown suspect(s) stole his handgun from his room in the 500 block of East Texas.