Motorists in Grayson and Fannin counties are asked to be aware of weekly road improvement projects overseen by the Texas Department of Transportation, which could have an impact on traffic routes and travel times.

Schedules are subject to change due to weather, equipment issues, or other complications. Drivers who use the following roadways are encouraged to be aware of potential changes in traffic patterns and avoid distractions such as cellphones and in-car entertainment systems.

Grayson County

On FM 691, between Loy Lake Road and U.S. Highway 75, watch for temporary single-lane closures as workers begin widening the roadway. The intersection of FM 691 an Hwy. 75 will be made into a four-way, stopped intersection, temporarily, before being made into a permanently signaled intersection.

On FM 1417, from FM 691 to U.S. Highway 82, watch for traffic-lane shifts and slow-moving vehicles as workers widen the roadway.

On Hwy. 75 in Sherman, between Choctaw Creek and FM 1417, watch for shoulder closures and lane shifts on the northbound main lanes of the freeway, and a left-lane closure on the northbound frontage road. The closures and shifts are meant to allow workers to install new freeway entry and exit ramps.

On Hwy. 75 in Denison, southbound drivers traveling between FM 120 and Crawford Street can expect to encounter shoulder closures and lane shifts as crews install retaining walls and a new freeway on-ramp. The southbound Crawford Street exit is closed and drivers are advised to seek an alternate route by using the FM 12o-Morton Street exit.

Throughout Grayson County, on Hwy. 75, crews will be working nightly from 7:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Monday through Thursday, to make full-depth concrete repairs. Lane closures will be possible during the nighttime hours only.

Drivers traveling along Hwy. 75 between the Collin-Grayson county line and the Texas-Oklahoma state border may encounter debris-retrieval crews on the highway on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Crews will operate only during daylight hours.

On State Highway 11, from U.S. Highway 69 to State Highway 121, watch for traffic-lane shifts and single-lane closures as workers widen the roadway.

Fannin County

Lane and shoulder closures are possible in Honey Grove as crews install new pedestrian and sidewalk ramps along State Highway 56 and FM 100. Crews will also be working in Bonham to install new ramps on State Highway 78 and Loop 205.

On Hwy. 82, from Hwy. 121 to the Fannin-Lamar county line, watch for slow-moving construction equipment as crews widen the freeway from two lanes to four lanes. Watch for lane closures on Hwy. 78 and Hwy. 121 as crews build the new, westbound Hwy. 82 bridge overpass.

On FM 1752, from Hwy. 82 to FM 898, watch for temporary single-lane closures as work crews widen the roadway.

On FM 186, from Hwy. 78 to FM 816, and on Recreation Roar 3, two miles east of FM 273, watch for temporary lane closures as workers install safety treatments to fixed objects along the roadways.

And CR 4131 at Cooper Creek is closed as crews work to replace the bridge.