Students in Whitesboro will soon have a new cafetorium to replace an aging facility.

Whitesboro Independent School District held a groundbreaking ceremony Monday to kickoff the renovations of the district’s intermediate school campus. Whitesboro ISD Superintendent Ryan Harper said the upgrade has been a long time coming.

“We really wanted to do this in a way that allowed us to pay for it entirely out of our fund balance,” Harper said. “We want the public to know we did this without raising taxes.”

Harper said the goal was to ensure the district didn’t add any additional burden to tax payers with a bond election.

Whitesboro ISD Assistant Superintendent Matt Davenport said the project met needs the district had been working to address.

“The old cafeteria was too small for them to do any sizable productions,” Davenport said. “The updated space will allow them to put on plays and other productions if they want.”

Construction of the new cafetorium started immediately following students being let out for the holiday break last month.

Davenport also said the kitchen area needed major renovations in order to be brought up to code. He added the old section would remain in tact, with the new office space and cafetorium added to improve the quality of education for the students. Davenport said the old kitchen would still be used in some capacity.

In addition to the new cafetorium, the front of the building was being moved to the new portion currently under construction. The new office space will face the intersection of Hall Street and North College Street.

Davenport said the parking lot will not be expanded, but will be repaved to accommodate the remodel. The facility will sit on the location of a building the district tore down in recent years.

Harper also gave a presentation to the school board on the construction projects currently underway at the district.

“We are building a new cafetorium without raising taxes — everything is coming out of M&O,” Harper said. “It’s going to be exciting for a totally fresh building out there. It will be aesthetically pleasing. We’re excited about it.”